Hout Bay

Community Policing Forum



SAPS Act 68 of 1995, legislates that Community Police Forums (CPF) as the only recognised consultative forum designed to permit communities to make their policing concerns known to the police.

About Hout Bay Community Policing Forum

Hout Bay Community Policing Forum (CPF) brings the police and the community together to solve problems of safety, security and crime within our local community.

The objectives of community police forums and boards are set out in the South African Police Services Act 68 of 1995, Chapter 7, section 18(1), which states that:

“The Service shall, in order to achieve the objectives contemplated in section 215 of the Constitution, liaise with the community through community police forums and area and provincial community police boards, in accordance with sections 19, 20 and 21, with a view to:

  • (a) establishing and maintaining a partnership between the community and the Service;

  • (b) promoting communication between the Service and the community;

  • (c) promoting co-operation between the Service and the community in fulfilling the needs of the community regarding policing;

  • (d) improving the rendering of police services to the community at national, provincial, area and local levels;

  • (e) improving transparency in the Service and accountability of the Service to the community; and

  • (f) promoting joint problem identification and problem-solving by the Service and the community."